What is

For starters, it is a reserved default login IP address that we use for modems and routers. When we enter in the address bar of your web browser, then you can access the router’s admin panel, but make sure to replace the ‘I’ letter at the end with ‘1’, or else you will receive an error. These are the standard IP addresses that a host can use for routers, including TP-Link, Netgear, Spectrum, and D-Link. However, to make this IP address work, you need to make sure that the internet is working fine on the router or modem.

For people who use the internet, only a few know their router IP because, in most cases, the IP address is most likely to be Moreover, a technician set up the router, and the router works smoothly for years, but just in case an issue appears in the router, one should know the router’s default IP address. It is only by accessing the router’s web interface that you can change the SSID, password, parental controls, and other settings of your network. For accessing the web interface of the router, you must know what the default IP address is. After that, you need to enter the admin name and password for the router to access the web interface. is the default gateway that lets you access your router or modem’s admin panel to configure basic and advanced settings.

How to Login to

In case you have found out the default IP address of your router to be, you can easily access the web interface of your router to manage its settings. For more details, kindly go through the below-mentioned steps:

  • The process begins with checking the router is connected to the network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
  • Now, you need to launch the web browser on your computer and enter ‘’ or ‘’ in the address bar. 
  • As you do so, you are going to see a login page on your computer screen.
  • Enter the default username and password to access the configuration page of your router. 
  • Hit ‘Enter’ and wait until you logged in. As that happens, you can change from essential to advanced settings of your router according to your requirements.

How to recover forgotten IP address username and password?

In case you forget the login credentials for, you need to check the instruction guide provided with the router. If you have tried everything yet unable to recover the username and password, you need to reset your router, which you can find in the upcoming section.

How to reset the router to change login credentials for

If you had changed the default username and password of your router and can’t remember it now, you should reset the router because that is your only option to access the web interface router. 

  • To reset the router, you need to take a sharp object such as a paperclip or pin and insert it into the hole where the ‘Reset’ button is present. You can find this button at the back or bottom of the router. 
  • Press the button for 10-15 seconds or until you see all the LED lights glowing on the router at once. 
  • Once that happens, you should enter ‘’ in the web browser’s address bar, enter the default username and password. You will be logged in and change the settings of the router.

In case you encounter any other issue while accessing, then you can get in touch with support providers for dependable assistance.

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