What is IP How To Configure Your Router Using This IP Address?

The IP is an address related to the settings of internet routers. It is through these numbers that it is possible to access the main configurations of the routers, which allows changing certain configurations or opening and closing device ports. All of these applications are possible through the correct use of the IP of each device.

This means that the IP of your device can be the address, or it can be another pattern of numbers. You must find this information through the instruction manual of your device or even at the bottom of the device. There is also the option to find the IP address of your internet router through the Command Prompt. All of these options to identify the router’s IP will result in a single address that you should use for basic internet settings.

What is it for?

There are several reasons for using IP, the main one being accessing your router’s internet settings. Through this function, the IP address has a very important application, which is the connection between the device and its basic internet settings. Through this procedure, it is possible to make several changes that are important for the use of your internet. Check below a list of the main applications that you can perform through IP

  • Have access to the internet settings of your modem or router;
  • Change the password and username of your device settings;
  • Change the name and password of your Wi-Fi network;
  • Define basic internet applications.

In addition to these settings, you can still use IP, if this address appears on your internet device, to enable or block ports on your router. Remembering that all these features will only be available if your internet device uses IP to access this information. If your router’s IP address is different, then you should use the IP provided by your device manufacturer.

How to use IP

To use any IP address, you must first know the digits using the forms we have already mentioned. If your device uses IP, you must use this sequence of numbers to access your internet settings.

This access will take place through an internet browser. Therefore, open the internet browser of your choice and enter the IP address in the address bar. After that, press the ENTER key and wait until your router’s settings appear on your computer.

How to configure a router with IP

Now that you know your IP address and how to access your router’s settings screen, let’s go through a simple step-by-step on how to perform the main settings on your device:

Step 1: Access your device’s login screen through IP, as we have already taught.

Step 2: Log in to the page using your username and password. In these two fields, enter “admin” and click “login”.

Step 3: After logging in, you must search for internet settings and enable the option “Dynamic ID”.

To perform other settings such as changing the password and name of the Wi-Fi network, you must log in to the settings system and search for “Basic Wireless Network Settings”. Then, change the information as it appears in the indicated fields, where “SSID” appears. You should change it to the name of the Wi-Fi network. Already safe, you must enter the new password for your internet. More Info on our blog section.

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