What Is The IP Address? is the default IP address used by routers and network gateway equipment. When someone has to configure a new router or update the settings of an existing one, this web address is used.

It is possible to program a computer, printer, or any other device to use this address, but one should not do it, as it could result in conflicts. This particular IP is used for private networks, and the range starts from and goes up to

What is IP address used for?

It is very common to not know the IP address of the router. Smartphones and tablets can find the router by its name (SSID) whenever you need to connect them to the internet. 

However, it becomes important to know the address when you’re looking to set up a new router or fix a network problem. 

To connect to your router if it has an IP address of, launch a web browser and enter ‘’ followed by logging into the router’s admin page to access the router’s settings. However, this may see a roadblock if the router fails or doesn’t respond to connections through a web browser or if it is configured to a different IP address, or if the computer and browser weren’t able to join the network.

How to determine the IP address of your router?

You will have to check the router’s documents if it is not configured to access You can go to the router’s website to find out the IP address it uses. 

The router doesn’t respond – What to do?

In that case, the issue could be with the router. The connection between the router and the device. Here is what you can do to fix the problem:

Restart the router

You need to unplug the router from the AC mains, wait for a few seconds before plugging the router back in. Wait until the LEDs on the router starts glowing before trying to connect to the internet again. 

Access ipconfig

In the majority of cases, routers are configured by ISPs to use an internal network address scheme that doesn’t include 192.168.1.x.

To determine what the default IP address of the router is, you will have to use the IPCONFIG command on your computer that is connected to the router using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. 

Here is how you can verify the IP address:

  1. Go to the ‘Start’ menu.
  2. Enter ‘command prompt’ in the search and select the most relevant option from the list. 
  3. As the command prompt opens, enter ‘ipconfig’ and press ‘Enter.’
  4. Find ‘default gateway’ from the list of options. 
  5. The gateway address you’ve found is the IP address of your router. 
  6. Launch the web browser and enter that IP address to log into the router’s web interface. 
Reset the router

If none of the above-mentioned instructions work, then you should reset the router by long-pressing the reset button that you can find at the bottom or back of the router. Press the reset button until you see all the LEDs glowing at once. After that, you need to repeat the process mentioned above. 

You can also check specific router information one Sagemcom, Linksys and Frontier which has the default IP