What is 192.168.l.10 IP Address?

Used as a default IP address for a range of routers, 192.168.l.10 will help you configure your router and change its basic and advanced settings in the most efficient manner. You will be able to change your router’s Wi-Fi password, secure your network, access network information along with seeing all the devices connected to your network. Moreover, the web interface of the router allows you to fix several connection problems that otherwise would be very difficult to solve. 

The IP address that you find on the search engines as 192.168.l.10 is actually, so make sure you are entering all numbers because letters are never included in the IP address. 

How to connect to your router with 192.168.l.10?

To access the web interface of your router, you need to launch a web browser on your computer and then enter ‘’ in the address bar. There is no need to have an internet connection to access the web interface of the router, and you will also be able to change all the settings according to your preference. 

There could be several reasons for accessing the web interface of the router, such as tweak the internet connection, change the Wi-Fi password, or set up parental controls. This webpage is not like normal websites, which is why you can access it even without an internet connection. 

If you counter with an error while accessing the ‘192.168.l.10’ IP address, for example, ‘Your connection is not hidden,’ then there is no need to panic, but instead, you should go to the ‘Advanced’ tab to visit ‘’ page. 

Now that you are inside the router’s web interface, you can change any setting as per your requirements. 

How to find the router’s IP address?

You can easily find the default IP address of the router by going through the following steps:

Windows computer

  • If you are a Windows computer user, press the ‘Windows + R’ key at once to open the ‘Run’ menu. 
  • In that window, you need to enter ‘cmd’ in the command prompt and then hit the ‘Enter’ button.
  • A new page will open within the Windows command system, and as it does, you need to type ‘ipconfig’ followed by pressing the ‘Enter’ button again. 
  • The computer will do a few scans, after which; Windows is going to display the router’s default IP address corresponding to the ‘Default Gateway’ text.

Apple MacBook macOS

  • For Apple MacBook users, the process involves clicking the ‘Apple’ icon at the top left corner of the screen, followed by clicking ‘System Preferences.’
  • Click on the ‘Network,’ which can be seen in the third row.
  • You will now see a screen where the details of the router will be present, including the IP address. 

How to change the router’s password on 192.168.l.10?

Launch a web browser on your computer, followed by entering ‘192.168.l.10’ in the address bar and then pressing ‘Enter.’ Now, enter ‘admin’ in the username field and ‘admin’ or ‘1234’ in the password field to log into the router’s web interface. 

Forgot 192.168.l.10 username and password

If you have forgotten the username and password of 192.168.l.10 IP address, then you will need to press the ‘reset’ button on the back of the router to reset the router. 

If Still, you are not able to access 192.168.l.10 despite having the correct username and password along with a fully functional internet connection, then you should consult professional router support providers for fast and accurate assistance. You can find more router information here.