Linksys Router Login

How To Configure Linksys Router Wireless Network Security Settings?

Linksys manufacturers commonly used consumer-grade routers. Many of these routers are wireless. These routers share an Internet connection between wired and wireless computers. By default, Linksys wireless routers allow someone to connect to your home network. Suppose the system is left open with other people. In that case, you don’t know how to use it. It Decreases your privacy and security and even opens you up to possible legal vulnerability, depending on what they do about your Internet. Configure your Linksys wireless network security settings and make your network private and secure.

Step by step Instructions

  1. Open your Linksys wireless router’s configuration webpage by clicking on your web browser address bar, typing or myrouter.local, and pressing “Enter.”
  2. You need to perform the Linksys router login, which is a simple step until you have done something to make it a complicated one. You will see two fields, username, and password. So you leave the username box blank in the login prompt window. Enter your password in the Password box. The default password is the administrator if you haven’t set a custom password. If you can successfully perform Linksys router login, that’s great; otherwise, take experts’ help. 
  3. Click the Wireless tab at the top of the Linksys router configuration page.
  4. Change the name of your wireless network by typing a new word into the SSID box in the Wireless page and clicking Save Settings”. “
  5. If desired, hide your wireless network by clicking the Disable option that you can find right next to Wireless SSID Broadcast on the wireless page. After that, you need to click Save Settings. If you want to connect to the hidden wireless network, you can easily do so by manually joining the wireless network’s name.
  6. Enable encryption for your Linksys wireless network by clicking “wireless security,” clicking Safe Mode list, and clicking “WEP.”
  7. Set the length of the encryption password. Choose a longer password providing more excellent encryption by clicking 128-bit next to WEP encryption or select an easier, lower-type passphrase by clicking 64 bit.
  8. Please enter a password for your wireless network in the passphrase box choose it as you’d select a password.
  9. Click the Generate button and make a note of the and Passphrase key one values. Older computers that run wireless Linksys hardware cards with Passphrase, Computers running Windows XP, or newer versions of Windows, as well as computers, do not run Linksys wireless cards require key 1 to connect to the wireless network.
  10. Click the Save button to save the settings.

Suppose you come across any issue while opening the router’s configuration page after going to myrouter.local link or entering the username and password. Then you should contact experts for quick and reliable assistance. The router’s security settings can’t be changed or modified unless you access the router’s web interface, for which you need to follow the steps mentioned above.