Sagemcom Router Login

Mostly the Sagemcom routers assign a default username that is ‘admin’ password ‘admin,’ with the default IP address also being 192.1681.1. These Sagemcom IDs are required when you need to login to the Sagemcom router’s website interface to make changes to any settings. The Control panel of the Sagemcom router is its web interface, where all settings of the Router are changed and stored. As a user, if you need to make any changes to your network, you will need to first login into your Sagemcom router. Accessing the Sagemcom web interface is quite simple. Below are some of the requirements needed to gain access to the Sagemcom web interface;

  1. Sagemcom router
  2. Web browser
  3. Access to the network, either WiFi or LAN-cable.

Sagemcom router login

Guide on how to log in to your Router for Setup and Diagnostics.

Ensure you are properly connected to your Router.

For the user to access the setup page of the Sagemcom router, it needs to be connected to its network. Then, begin by connecting to the network. You can connect via Ethernet cable or via WiFi.

Note: If you cannot remember the WiFi password for your Sagemcom router, you can always connect the Router to an Ethernet cable, which, of course, does not require a password.

  1. Launch your web browser to navigate to

Sagemcom router login ip address

Launch your web browser and input the Router’s IP address into the address field. The common IP address for most Sagemcom router is In case that does not work, you can Google search the ‘Default Sagemcom IP address list’ for the particular model.
Note: Now that you are connected to the Sagemcom router, you can as well make use of to search for the IP. This is the ‘Router Private IP’ value.

  1. Input the default username and password of your Router.

    When you are in the Sagemcom router login field, enter the default Sagemcom username and password and click on ‘Sign in.’ The default login credentials for Sagemcom is handy when you are not sure of your username and password. To know your default credentials, search for ‘Default Sagemcom Credentials’ to be sure of what the default credentials are and how you can configure them. You can also check the label on the back of your Router as the credentials are often printed on the label.

    Now that you have gained access, it is time to configure your Router.

How to Configure Sagemcom Router

Upon gaining entry into your Sagemcom admin interface, you can now make changes to the settings available. However, you must be cautious when configuring your Router to ensure you do not disrupt the network.

Note: You may want to mark down the current settings before making any changes. This can help you revert faulty settings.

In case you experience an abrupt halt in the network after any configuration change, which may likely be due to mistake(s) made that may break the home network of the Sagemcom router. Ensure you go back to zero by following the general 30 30 30 hard reset trick.

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